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Viewing Emails
Moving Emails to folders
Changing Address Book Display Options
Helpful tips selecting multiple emails
Fowarding all emails to another email address
Creating an automatic email signature
View, Release, Whitelist, and Blacklist Emails


               Some quick tips that will help you get up and running right away in the new webmail system.  If you login to your new webmail and do not see all the folders you are used to seeing, most likely they are there, they are just not being displayed.  On your left side menu go to the very bottom where you will see a gear icon. 

Click it and choose “Manage folders”

Once you enter the folders screen you will see a list of all your folders with either filled in or empty checkboxes. 

Simply check the box that corresponds to the folder you’d like displayed on your main view of webmail. 

Once this is done choose “Mail” from the upper right menu (see image below for the "Mail" link).

On the main mail screen you will see that all checked folders will be displayed whenever you log into webmail.

To add a new folder, do the above options until a screen like the one above appears, then click on the "Plus" sign to the left of the gear and the following screen should appear.  If you don't have a folder called "Junk", enter Junk (case sensitive) to create a Junk folder, so that you can use the Junk option for Junk/Spam emails to help filter them from your email.  See image below.

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When you login to web mail, you are logged into the Inbox.  If you click on an email, the email is previewed in the pane below the list of emails.  You may increase or decrease the size of the preview pane by putting your mouse on the gray line between the preview pane and email list above, and click and hold and move the line up or down to change the size of the panes.  If you double click on an email in the list pane, it will open in full view mode.  Just click on the mail icon on the inbox to get back to seeing your list of emails.

Address Book

If an email address is in your address book, when you compose a new email, if you start typing the email address, it will appear as you type, and then you can just click on it to put it into the "To" field for you.

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The new web mail has many options.  You can access these options by clicking on the blue gear or the word settings in the upper right of the screen.  The screen below will appear.  By clicking on "Displaying Messages", you will have options about what is displayed.  I put a check in the checkbox labeled "Show email address with display name", because I like to see the actual email address of the sender.

If you click on "Composing Messages", you have many options there.   You can select various optioins about what format you use when composing, such as HTML.  The default is never, which means just compose using plain text.  If you choose always, then your messages will be composed using "Rich Text", which allows you more expression.  If you leave the default of "never", you still have the option of choosing "plain text" or "rich text" when composing a message.

We suggest you take some time to review your settings.  If you make changes, we suggest only making 1 change at a time to be sure you like that change. 

To return to your emails, simple click on the Mail icon at the upper right of the screen.


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To move an email to another folder, select the email(s) to be moved, then click the icon with the 3 dots and "More" pictured above.

A new window appears, and you have the options seen.  Click on "Move to...:" and another window appears, showing your folders.  Simply click on the folder you want to move the email(s) to.

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Changing Address Book Display Options

Click on "Settings" in the upper right corner.
Click on "Address Book".  The "Main Options" window should appear.
Select "Display Name" for both the "List Contacts As" and "Sorting Column".
Click the "Save Button.
To return to your email, click the "Email" icon

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Listed below are steps to forward all emails to other mailbox.

    Log into RoundCube (webmail) interface.
    Click on “Personal Settings” in top-right corner, then Click on the "Filters" link at left under "Settings"
    Click on “+” sign in bottom under the "Filters" heading to bring new filter screen.
    Give a name to your filter. In screenshot below it's called “Forward”.
    Then under “Filter Definition", just below "For incoming mail:”, select “All messages”. You may have to scroll  to the right to see the "All" option.
    Then under “Filter Actions”, select “Send a copy to” from dropdown menu. It will show a text-input field on right. Just enter destination email address    where you want incoming emails to be forwarded.
    Finally, click the “Save” button.

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1) In your webmail, open the message labled "1Dial Message Quarantine Report"
2) Click on the "View" link at the right of the message you want to see (note the message subject and the date/time to find it easily)
3) A "Mail Watch" login screen should appear in a new tab
4) Enter your email address in the "username" field and enter your password then click the login button
5) You will see a list of recent messages.  Note the color coded logo at the top of the screen.  Messages
    which are marked as spam are light or dark pink/red.  If your message is not displayed, click on "Reports" 
    header then scroll down a little and click on "Message Listing".
6) You should be able to identify the message you want to view, whitelist, or blacklist by the "subject"
7) Put your mouse on the [ ] at the far left of the message and click when it turns blue
8) If you want to release the message to your inbox for viewing, do the following:
    a) Scroll to the bottom of the page
    b) At lower left, click to put a check in the checkbox under "Release"
    c) Click to put a check in the checkbox next to "As Ham"
    d) Click the "Submit" button at the bottom right of screen (may have to scroll to right to see it)
    e) You will then be taken to the top of the message.


To Whitelist or Blacklist an email message do the following: Repeat steps 1-7 above (NOTE: If you've already
done steps 1-8 above, you don't have to repeat them, and you'll be in the right place.)
1) Near the top of the message, look at the left side for the 3rd field down marked "Received from".  You should see an IP address.
2) You may need to scroll to the right to find "Add to Whitelist" and "Add to Blacklist"
3) If you want to "Whitelist" the email, so they come into your Inbox, click "Add to Whitelist"
    a) A windows appears with the heading "Add to Whitelist/Blacklist"
    b) The From field should have an IP address in it
    c) The "Whitelist" button should already be selected
    d) Click the "Add" button to whitelist the entry.
    e) You will see the IP address added to you "Whitelist"

If you want to "Blacklist" some SPAM that is getting into your inbox that you don't want, do the same as above for
"Whitelist", but under 3, click "Add to Blacklist" and follow steps a-e for "Blacklist".

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Last Updated August 17, 2015