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Welcome to RiverNet, your premier internet provider for dialup in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula for over 10 years. Fast, reliable connections, and superb, virtually spam free email.
Welcome to RiverNet... Quality internet for 11 years...
as low as $12.95 per month
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Proud to be an American Internet Service Provider...

Proud to be an American Internet Service Provider...
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If you wish to receive important emails from RiverNet at an email address other than your RiverNet email address, please click here.

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Last Updated January 4, 2008
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Welcome to RiverNet, located in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  The Northern Neck is the land mass that resides South of the Potomac river and North of the Rappahannock river.  RiverNet is the premier Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the region.  RiverNet has been located in the Northern Neck since it's beginning back in April, 1997.  Service is provided to thousands of customers, has nationwide access, and provides free SPAM protection and free VIRUS protection for email to all of its customers.  So, when you visit the Northern Neck in Virginia, come by Kilmarnock and visit us at RiverNet.  If you need internet access, we can have you online in minutes, with a friendly staff to assist you in all of your internet needs.

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RiverNet Kilmarnock Office has moved to:

74 S. Main Street
Kilmarnock, VA  22482

(in the same location with GGCWEB, next to Rappahannock Hang-Ups)

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1269
Kilmarnock, VA  22482

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