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Signing up with RiverNet on-line is easy.  There are only 2 steps, and our secure server guarantees that all of the information you send is safe & secure.  Click to read our policies and agreements.
First, you choose a "username".  The username you choose will allow you access to the internet and will become the first part of  your email address.  Usernames (and passwords) can have up to 14 characters (letters & numbers but no spaces) and must be lowercase. 
Second, you choose the payment plan you want.  You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually and save 25%.  Once you submit your information to our secure server, your account will be activated within 1 business day.
 If you're ready to proceed, click here to beginIf you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call any of our local offices
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Last Updated January 25, 2006