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How to Enable the "Autodisconnect" option in Netscape

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When you close your Netscape Communicator 4.x browser, it should bring up a window that tells you "There are open modem connections. Would you like to close them now?"  You can then click Yes to disconnect.  This is a nice feature which avoids a few extra clicks needed to manually disconnect.  You must have an upzip program on your computer, like "Winzip" or similar.  A freeware unzip program called "Expander" can be downloaded by clicking here.

Go to http://www.ufaq.org/files/autoclose.zip and download the autoclose.zip file. 
Use Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) to find "autoclose.zip" and double-click on it to Unzip the file.  Note the folder where you unzip to for locating files needed below.

Then do the following:

             1.Put the program Rasexit.exe in the C:\Windows\System folder.
             2.Double click the file Autoclose.reg.
             3.Go to your C:\Windows\System folder and double click Rasexit.exe.
             4.Close Rasexit.exe.
             5.Reboot your computer (This may not be necessary).

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Last Updated April 9, 2003