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Access to AOL using RiverNet
Setup and Configuration Supplement
Please read the following documentation carefully and completely!
The following steps should be done once to set up your computer to access AOL through RiverNet. 

1)  Click on the AOL icon to bring up the AOL program. 
2)  Go into SETUP 
3)  Choose "Edit Location" 
4)  Use the pull down menu to change Network from AOLnet to TCP/IP 
5)  Click Save 
6)  Click OK 
7)  Exit AOL program 

After the setup in steps 1-7 above have been completed, you may access AOL by doing the following: 

1)  From your desktop, double click on the RiverNet Icon (for dial up networking) to bring up your logon screen. 
2)  Enter your username and password and click "Connect" to logon to RiverNet 
3)  After your connection is made, and username and password are validated, double click on the AOL icon to go to America Online. 

Supplement: Revision 04/30/97 
Copyright 1997-1998, RiverNet - All rights reserved.

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Last Updated April 9, 2003