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How to disable the "Leave Messages on Server" option
For your email to work properly, you must be sure that the "Leave Messages on Server" option of your email program is disabled (not checked).  The instructions for reviewing and/or changing this option can be found by clicking the links below.
Netscape Communicator (messenger)
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Internet Mail

Netscape Messenger: (Netscape Communicator's email program)

1) Open Netscape Communicator
2) Open Netscape Messenger (Either click Communicator->Messenger, or the Inbox icon)
3) Click Edit -> Preferences
4) Click on the + beside "Mail and Newsgroups"
5) Click on "Mail Servers"
6) Click on the "Edit" button
7) Click on the "POP" tab
8) Uncheck the "Leave messages on server" checkbox
9) Click OK
10) Click OK

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Microsoft Outlook Express:

1) Open the Outlook Express program
2) Click "Tools" on the menu bar
3) Click  Accounts
4) Click on the "Mail" tab
5) Click on the "Properties" button
6) Click on the "Advanced" tab
7) Uncheck (blank) the "Leave a copy of messages on server" checkbox (near bottom of window)
8) Click OK
9) Click Close button

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Microsoft Internet Mail:

1) Open your internet mail program (Generally opened by clicking the Mail icon on toolbar of Internet Explorer 3.x)
2) Click "Mail" on the menu bar, then click "Options"
3) Click the "Server" tab
4) Click the "Advanced Settings" button
5) Uncheck (blank) the "Leave a copy of messages on server" checkbox.
6) Click OK
7) Click OK

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Last Updated April 9, 2003