Acrobat Reader from Adobe

1) Get online
2) type in the location (address) window of your browser and press the enter key.
3) Scroll down page and in “Step1” select your operating system (eg: Windows 95, 98, NT, etc)
4) In “Step 2” fill in your name and email address and “Uncheck” the 2 boxes (to prevent junk email)
5) Click the download button in “Step 3”
6) After a brief wait (depends on their site speed), a “Save As” window should appear
7) Select (or create) a folder to save the file in, and write down the folder name
8) Write down the filename for later retrieval
9) Click the “Save” button to start the download which will take from 30 to 60 minutes
10) After the file is downloaded (saved onto your hard drive), quit your browser, log off,  & close all programs
11) Use “Windows Explorer” program (Not Internet Explorer) to find the filename from step 8 (or use the windows “Find” function)
12) double click on the filename icon to install acrobat reader & follow instructions on the screen
13) After it has been successfully installed, the filename can be removed from your hard disk.