Windows VISTA – Creating a Dialup Connection

Click on the Start Icon at the lower left of the task bar
In the window that opens, click Connect To. 
In the Connect to a network window, click on Set up a connection or network
On this Connect to a network screen, click Set up a dial-up connection to select it, then click Next
In the Set up a dial-up connection window, enter the following information:A) Dial-up phone number – Select local number for you: 4367068, 4622027, 5290027, 7762027, 6848016, 3137083, 7587038, 3849016, 2244042, 4100993, 4457047, 4457027, 6328016 (other dialup numbers available nationwide.  To locate a number, click here)   NOTE: If you have call waiting, please enter *70, before the phone number.  There is a “space” after the comma.  Example: *70, 4367068
This will keep you from getting disconnected if someone calls when you are online.  When you disconnect, your phone will automatically be reset to have your call waiting activated.

B) User name: Your RiverNet username in the form of an email address, all lowercase.  Example: 

C) Password:  Enter your RiverNet password, all lowercase 

D) Connection Name: Type RiverNet 

E) Allow other people to use this connection:  If you have other Windows user accounts on this computer, and you intend for them to be able to use this dial up connection, check the box.  Otherwise, leave it unchecked. 

When you are finished, click on the Create button to save your new dial-up connection.