ADSL Broadband Service

The next generation of internet access is here.  As one of Virginia’s leading Internet Service Providers RiverNet introduces ADSL High Speed access throughout the 804 area code.  For broadband applications from single user to the multi-user environment we have a plan that is just right for your needs. 

           Unlimited broadband access that is always on with no dialup, no busy signals, no disconnects. 
           Just boot up your computer and you’re online 24/7.

Multitask – download a file, browse the web, check email at the same time – all still much quicker than using a dial up connection and all while using the same phone line for calls or faxes.
Streaming media – You can now watch high quality streaming media on your PC such as music videos, concerts, and more.
Play all the games that are virtually impossible to play due to the restrictions of bandwith with 56k dialup.

What is ADSL and How Does It Work?

ADSL  stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.  It is a technology for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses.  ADSL uses a wide range of frequencies over an existing telephone line to deliver much higher speeds than your standard 56k modem (between 10 and 40 times faster).  It splits the signal into two channels, one for voice communications and the other for the high speed data connection.  It makes use of a frequency range not used in normal voice communications.  This technology makes it  possible to use your phone while online…which means you do not need a dedicated phone line for internet access.  Unlike regular dialup phone service, ADSL provides continuously available, “always on” connection.  No busy signals, no dial up, you are automatically online when you turn your computer on. 

Computer Requirements for ADSL

    Intel or Equivalent Pentium MMX or Pentium II at 166 MHz or faster 
    32 Mb RAM for Windows 95 or Windows 98 
    64 Mb RAM for Windows NT
    2 GB Hard Drive ( 200 Mb available )
    Super VGA Video ( 800 x 600 pixels ) at 64,000 colors or more
    CD-ROM Drive

Apple Macintosh
    PowerPC 604c 120 MHz or faster 32 Mb RAM
    2 GB Hard Drive ( 200 Mb available )
    Thousands of colors or greater
    CD-ROM drive
    Mac TCP 2.1 or later 

What Else is Required ?

You  will need some hardware to connect your network or PC to the RiverNet ADSL system. The type of hardware required is dependent on your applications. 
Single user accounts require an ADSL Modem or USB Modem and a splitter/filter on each phone device.
Multiple user accounts require a router or hub and a splitter/filter on each phone device.

Phone Line Requirements for ADSL

ADSL service is not available to all residences and businesses within the 804 area code at the present time.  It is currently available only to homes or businesses within a 3 mile range of an ADSL ready Verizon switch or Telco.  As a result pre-qualification is a requirement to see if your location is within an accessible area.  RiverNet will need the exact physical address of the installation site and the phone number at the location to which the service will be connected.  Contact your nearest RiverNet office for more details.

Where ADSL is currently available in the 804 Area Code

Bowling Green 632 and 633 King William
Chase City 372 Lawrenceville 884
Clarksville 374 Mathews 725
Colonial Beach
Deltaville 776 Oak Grove 213 and 224
Emporia 634 Saluda 758
Gloucester 693, 694 and 695 Tappahannock 443 and 445
Hague 472 Warsaw 333 or 313
Kilmarnock 435

Verizon will be updating switches throughout the 804 area code in the near future to enable more locales to be able to enjoy the speed and convenience of high speed internet. You must contact Verizon for the most current information.

Service Installation and Activation Timeline

Once it has been determined that your computer meets the minimum requirements for ADSL and RiverNet has determined that your phone line is capable of handling ADSL installation and activation of service should be completed within 2 weeks. 

Available Plans

ADSL Plans.
256Kbps down
64Kbps upstream
$39.95 per mo.
$37.50 per mo.
$77.45 per mo.
512Kbps down
128Kbps upstream
$49.95 per mo.
$37.50 per mo.
$87.45 per mo.
768Kbps down
128Kbps upstream
$59.95 per mo.
$37.50 per mo.
$97.45 per mo.
1.5Mbps down
128Kbps upstream
$69.95 per mo.
$41.50 per mo.
$111.45 per mo.
768Kbps down
384Kbps upstream
$79.85 per mo.
$45.50 per mo.
$125.45 per mo.
1.5Mbps down
384Kbps upstream
$89.95 per mo.
$45.50 per mo.
$135.45 per mo.

The bandwidths listed for all ADSL plans are maximum speeds attainable and are not guaranteed.During peak busy time you may notice a decrease in bandwidth.

Each of the Above plans comes with 1 Static IP Address.  Additional IP Addresses are available at $3 each per month.

In addition to the above charges there will also be a one-time setup fee of $60 from Verizon  which along with the Verizon monthly charges will be on your phone bill.

Verizon monthly charges are based on a 1 year contract.  Higher Verizon monthly rates are available for month to month to service.

Minimum contract for ADSL Service with RiverNet is 6 months.  Early termination prior to 6 months will result in a $100 early termination fee.

Setup and Installation Fees

RiverNet will charge a one-time activation fee of $195 for the initial service. This fee includes, but not
limited to, charges for processing and testing of digital line equipment and initial cost of 1 ADSL modem and 2 splitter/filters for the phone line.

Additional hardware and setup costs may also be incurred if you have more than one computer in your home or office.  You may choose to purchase a mini-hub and related cabling so that all computers have access to ADSL.

ADSL uses a standard phone jack and no additional “in-house” installation is required to have the service. If additional phone jacks are required within the home or office, they must be requested through Verizon or another contractor.  This would be an additional fee from the provider of such service over and above the regular ADSL charges.

RiverNet technicians are available for troubleshooting and setup in regards to ADSL installations at our normal posted service rates.

Service Agreements
           RiverNet requires a minimum service agreement of 6 months. 

Customers will have the option to be billed quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. 
All setup fees and deposits are non-refundable for any reason. 
Customers are required to read and sign the RiverNet ADSL Service Contract and RiverNet ADSL Service Order, pay all setup and installation fees, and pay for the intitial contract  period before service is activated. 
There will be a 10% savings on RiverNet* charges for all pre-paid annual contracts (* This does not apply to any Verizon charges.) 

Cancellation of Service
           RiverNet reserves the right to discontinue service for any party found who breaches any part of the
     RiverNet Acceptable Use Policy with no refund. 

Customers who cancel prior to 12 months will be subject to additional Verizon charges. 
Customers who cancel before 6 months will be subject to an early termination fee specified in the RiverNet ADSL Service Contract and the RiverNet Service Order. 
All cancellations must be in writing, sent to:   RiverNet, P.O. Box 1269, Kilmarnock, VA 22482, and must be received at the above address by the 20th day of the month for the disconnection to take effect on the last day of the month. 
There will be no refund of any kind for unused service.