Callao RS Training Center was first organized in 1993. At that time, they worked under an American Heart Association contract that was held by Rappahannock General Hospital. There were approximately 6 CPR Instructors from 3 Northumberland Rescue Squads who borrowed manikins and taught some 12 classes and trained 45 people in their first year.

Callao Volunteer Rescue Squad Support

In 1995, 2 Callao Rescue Squad members became Instructor-Trainers and with the Squad’s assistance, applied and received their first AHA contract. During that time the Training Center grew to approximately 12 Instructors, training 75 area citizens. To show support, the Squad offered both office and class space, as well as an annual financial donation to allow the Instructors to continue to offer free public classes.

In 1997, through a joint grant effort by all three Nothumberland County Rescue Squads, 2 more complete sets of manikins were purchased. By the end of the 3-year contract, the Center had an additional Instructor-Trainer, 20 Instructors having offered more than 55 classes and teaching CPR to 300 people in the community.

Community-Based Training’

In 1998, AHA changed their Training Center concept to reflect a philosophy for ‘community-based training’, creating new classes and courses to target the specific needs of community members. Centers across Virginia were now referred to as, “CTC”’s and all training completion cards held 2-year rather than 1-year renewal dates. Among other featured new classes was the BLS, “HeartSaver AED”.

In 1999, Callao RS training Center became a multi-agency Training Center as it partnered with The American Health & Safety Institute to offer Basic First Aid and other specifically-designed EMS classes.

Currently, the Center has 25 Instructors and trains in 4 Counties. The website posts current local, regional and state information for Center members to continue to promote the need for CPR and Basic First Aid in the community.