Internet Packages

Internet Packages

It is becoming more and more essential to have internet connection on trips, to order an Uber, to contact the host of your Airbnb, to calculate the route with Google Maps, to watch e-mails, to call your family WhatsApp.

Top 10 Internet providers in the USA

The Internet has become indispensable in our lives. Which hotel does not offer internet during your stay? What restaurant does not have free Wi-Fi? Today, we can no longer or almost no longer do without the internet for our everyday life, for our activities or to communicate with our family. Finding your internet provider in the United States is not always easy. Indeed, not all internet providers are available in the entire US territory, and the offers are more numerous than in France and more complicated. You need to pay attention to the price, but also to the speed, the limited data per month, the commitment and all the additional costs (commissioning, equipment costs, termination fees.) to help you here, two sites that indicate the internet providers present in your sector; all connect and high-speed internet.

Here are the top 10 internet providers in the United States to familiarize you with the names and prices offered.

  1. AT&T:

Excellent internet service for AT & T with offers starting from 40 dollars with 12 months’ commitment. You will also discover offers from 75 dollars with a TV plus internet offer and phone for home. Fibre is available in certain areas.

  1. Spectrum:

The Internet offers to start at $ 50 for uncommitted Spectrum. There are offers with cable, internet, a home phone like 90 dollars a month with a 12-month promotion. Spectrum offers are contract-free and data-free.

  1. Verizon:

Verizon offers fibre deals starting at 40 dollars and going up to 80 dollars for superfast broadband. The offers are non-binding but with the price guaranteed between 1 and three years depending on your choice. Verizon offers an offer from 80 dollars for internet and cable but beware these offers are with commitment.

  1. Frontier Communications:

In the Frontier Communications catalog, you will find offers starting at $ 20 without obligation. Proposals without a contract are available.

  1. Cox Communication:

Offers to start at $ 40 per month with engagement are delivered at Cox Communication. For the cable plus internet, it will cost 110 dollars with two years’ commitments.

  1. Xfinity:

Xfinity offers one to 30 dollars with a one-year commitment to the internet. From 35 dollars are provided with internet and 10 TV channels always with a one-year commitment. Xfinity offers an internet offer, cable with 140 channels, and home phone for 120 dollars for 12 months and without obligation.

  1. Century Link:

Century Link offers without a contract and promotional offers so no price increase after a year or change of internet providers. Rates start at $ 45 and end at $ 85. Optical fibre is also available in some areas.

  1. Optimum:

Optimum offers three offers from $ 400 to $ 80 for the internet and one year. To have internet, cable, and phone for home, it is necessary to count from 70 dollars and up to 100 dollars with according to the offer Netflix included and some channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz).

  1. Viasat:

Viasat is one of the most expensive internet providers. The first offer starts at $ 50 a month for three months, and then it’s $ 70. The last suggestion is $ 150 for three months, and then it’s $ 200.

  1. NCR:

RCN offers internet offers to start at $ 20 per month and up to $ 50 non-binding but with a promotional price for one year. Offers wedges with 60 channels, internet, and phone start at 50 dollars always for a year commitment and with a promotional offer for a year and with Showtime included.

To choose the internet, the first step is to know the suppliers in your area. Thanks to these two websites, connect and high-speed internet, you will get there quickly. The next step is to choose an offer that suits you and fits into your budget. Give preference to offers without a contract, because in the United States, we always have plenty of surprises, especially in terms of hidden costs, whether for activation or cancellation fees.