Harry Houdini

I just have a special feeling about Harry, he died on Halloween and I was born on Halloween…THE Halloween!
I was born during the famous Final Seance on Oct. 31, 1936 (pictured above, note Hiatt Darby cuffs, Harry’s favorite!)
I’m a magician and an escape artist (well I own 50 pairs of handcuffs, leg irons and a strait jacket anyway!).
Houdini was literally the Superman, Captain Marvel of his time. Before any of the World Wars he was
every boy’s (and every man’s) hero, idol. “The Man Whom No Jail Can Hold!”
How did he do it? Well, his secrets didn’t really die with him as his legend makers claimed.
In this publication meant for general audience consumption I will only say that, as a child,
Harry had worked in small carnivals as a “Human Ostrich.” He could swallow and regurgitate
small objects. In his day they couldn’t search him with x-rays or even fluoroscopes to find
hidden keys. He also had the dedication to apprentice himself to a local locksmith when
entering a new, unknown country. After a short time he could teach the locksmith a thing or two!

THIS IS AN ACTUAL COPY OF HOUDINI’S DEATH CERTIFICATE (showing he died of peritonitis/infected appendix).
(Only Tony Curtis died doing The Water Torture Cell, Houdini did it for years!
But would it be a great ending to have him lying in a hospital bed saying, ” Oh! My side, it’s killing me!”)