New Upstream Provider for RiverNet

Due to problems of unreliability of service (inablility to connect to RiverNet) by our previous upstream provider, RiverNet has changed providers.  The service outages mentioned below (System Update) were the main reason why we were forced to make the change.  Our new provider is much larger and should prove to be completely reliable.  We appreciate your patience and loyalty, and thank you for remaining customers of RiverNet.  Please start using the new dialup number  (the dashes are not required) immediately, as the old dialup numbers will no longer function after 8/31/2005.  You MUST logon with your   If you’re using Microsoft XP operating system, simply change the number on the dialup window, and when asked “Make number permanent?”, answer with the “Y” key.  If you have difficulties, please do not hesitate to call 333-5475 or 435-7739.For customers who are using the RiverNet Accelerator, please disable the use of it.  We will be providing “Slipstream” accelerator in the near future if you wish to use an accelerator, but we do not have it configured just yet.  Thank you for your patience and support.
System update
Due to a routing problem all of the RiverNet dialup numbers were out of service from 6:30pm on 7/8/05 until 1:30pm on 7/9/05.  Thanks for your understanding and patience. 
Bogus Emails

Please disregard any and all emails you receive from,,,, and  These are bogus email addresses and are not coming from RiverNet.  Do not open any attachments associated with these emails. They contain viruses. RiverNet never sends attachments to it’s customers for any reason.

We’ve been working hard on our new SPAM filter.  Some emails may have been delayed a few hours in the past (Monday AM, 5/2/05), but things are looking very good now.  You should notice a large decrease in your unwanted/unsolicited email.  As always, we strive to make your internet a better place.  For more information about spam, click here.Thank you for your continued support.

Madison Fontaine