Your “QUARANTINE REPORT” is a list of emails that are considered to be SPAM.  You may open the quarantine report like any email to view the contents.  Most of the entries in the report are junk mail (spam).  If you do not see any valid email addresses in the report, simply delete the quarantine report.  You can change the frequency of when you receive the report (default is daily), or you can simply choose to not receive the quarantine report.To change the settings for your quarantine report (and other features of email), you need to logon to the webmail and click the word “Settings” at the top of the screen.  The quarantine report settings are grouped under “Email Settings”, so just click the link for “Quarantine Reports”.

A sample quarantine report is shown below as viewed using RiverNet’s webmail.  The report looks similar when openend using a client based email program such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

If you should see a “Trusted” email address in your report, you can “Release” the email to your inbox by viewing the message, and then clicking on the Release link at the top left of the message.  By releasing the email, future emails from that sender will also be placed in your inbox and not be quarantined.

Please note that the “From” addresses may not accurately represent the actual email address where the message originated.  Some Spammers are able to “Spoof” the sender’s address that you see.  You may even see emails that are said to be sent from your email address.  They are just junk, so ignore them.

An example of releasing a quarantined message is below:

After you select your options, a screen similar to the one below will appear.

Should you choose to “Block” a sender, click on the Block link to the right of the email, and a screen similar to the one below will appear:You can then either block the sender’s email address (default) or block all emails from the entire domain .

You can check your email by using our webmail link from our home page, www.rivnet.net, and easily delete any unwanted emails before downloading the messages to your computer using your client based program such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.  By using webmail, you can delete messages that are too large, or known as spam, which will make your downloads of email much faster.  You can also click on the “Settings” at the top of your webmail screen to change aspects of your email, including whether or not you wish to receive the quarantine report, or how often you would like to receive it.

RiverNet always recommends that you download email to your own computer so that the messages are saved on your computer and removed from the server.