RiverNet Premium Dial-up Access

It’s never been easier to experience the superior speed and high quality of RiverNet’s premium dial-up internet.   Signup now to begin experiencing the fastest most reliable dial-up Internet access for as low as $14.95 per month.*

Why RiverNet?
RiverNet has been providing superior dial-up service to the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula longer than any other local internet providers (since April 1997).  With our nationwide access numbers, we now offer internet virtually anywhere in the United States. 

Our servers and software are the newest and fastest available and are monitored 24/7 to ensure that you will not have any difficulty with your connection.  Our filtering is among the best in the industry, blocking nealy 100% of unwanted junk email and stopping nearly all viruses.  To sum it up, RiverNet offers you a better dial-up experience and at a better price that other Internet Service Providers.

RiverNet Dial-up Service Includes

  • Fast, reliable dialup connections, with thousands of access numbers nationwide
  • Super Fast Web Mail – Forget Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook
  • No busy signals or dropped connections
  • Industry Leading Spam Filtering to block virtually all junk emails
  • Virus Filtering to block most viruses
  • Superior customer support with the most experience in the area
  • Multiple Email accounts per access account

RiverNet Premium Dial-up Pricing*

Hours per rolling 30 day period Rate Per Month
Up to 180 hours in 30 days (avg 6 hrs/day) $14.95
Up to 240 hours in 30 days (avg 8 hrs/day) $19.95
Up to 300 hours in 30 days (avg 10 hrs/day) $24.95