PENTIUM III 766 Celeron with 17″ Monitor

Motherboard with Intel 810 Chipset.
Intel Celeron CPU.
64MB PC100 RAM.
17″ .27 mm Color Monitor
20.4 GB Ultra/66 Hard Drive.
3.5 Floppy Drive.
Built in Graphics System supports up to 1600×1200
52X Max EIDE CD-ROM Drive.
CMI8738 PCI 3D Audio.
80 Watt Speaker.
FlexATX Case 285mm x 383mm x 90mm.
Front Access USB – Earphone and Microphone ports.
One 3-1/2 and one 5-1/4 inch drive bay.
104 Key Windows 95 Keyboard
PS/2 Mouse with scroll.
56K Fax/Modem with Voice V.90.
10/100 Fast LAN Adapter.
Microsoft Windows Millennium installed and on
Corel Wordperfect 2000.
155 CD-Titles Pack.
Norton AntiVirus 2001.
3-Years parts Warranty.