Additional Email/Profile Setup

With Netscape Communicator, you need to set up a profile for each email account you wish to use. The benefit of having seperate profiles is that each email account is kept completely seperate, each with it’s own Inbox, Sent Items, etc…
To set up additional profiles for your additional email accounts you have established with RiverNet, you need to do the following:

1) Click Start->Programs->Netscape Communicator by RiverNet->Utilities->User Profile Manager
2) Click New to add an additional profile and click NEXT
3) Enter the name for the profile & accept file location it chooses and click NEXT
4) When asks “Will you be using the same internet account as another profile?”, click the YES radio button and click NEXT
5) It should show your internet dial-up account in the window, so click NEXT
6) Enter your Real Name and your “additional” email address ( and CLICK NEXT
7) Enter for the “Outgoing mail SMTP server” and click NEXT
8) Enter your “additional” email username (do not enter for the “mail server username” and enter for the “Incoming mail server”, and accept “POP3” for the mail server type, then click NEXT
9) Enter for the “news group server” and leave 119 for the port and leave the “Secure” checkbox
unchecked, then click FINISH.

At this point your additional Netscape Communicator email profile will be setup. It may try to connect at this point in time.

When you have more than 1 profile with Netscape Communicator, when starting Netscape, you will get a “Profile” window which allows you to select which profile you wish to load. All emails are kept seperate using these profiles.