Save/Export & Restore/Import

These instructions are written for Netscape Communicator 4.5, but work for other versions as well.

How to Save your address book
Not a bad idea, but especially important if changing your Netscape software.

1.  Open your address book
2.  Click File->Export
3.  Select a Save in: folder and filename (your username would make a good filename, but can be anything).  Be sure to
leave the .LDIF file extension if you’re making a copy for Netscape Communicator.  You can select a different extension
if saving to export to another mail program.
4. Click the Save button.

How to Restore your address book
The address book must have previously been saved.

1.  Open your address book
2.  Click File->Import
3.  Select the .LDIF (Address Book) format and click Next
4.  Locate the address book file which you had previously saved so that it appears in the filename window and click Open.