Netscape Communicator 4.x Email Setup

If you have a  version of Netscape earlier than 7.1, we suggest that you download a more current version.  This 4.x version will still work for email, but when sending email, it will require you to enter your password each session.

Server Setup

1.  Bring up your Netscape Communicator browser.  (You do not have to get on-line for this setup)
2.  Click Edit
3.  Click Preferences
4.  Click the + next to Mail and Newsgroups in the Category window
5.  Click Identity to see the following screen

6.  Your Name = Your real name
Email Address = (use your username)
Reply-to Address = leave blank
Organization = your business name or leave blank
Signature File = leave blank or enter full path to signature file you have created (text file)
7.  Click the Mail Server Sub-heading in the Category window at the left to see the following screen

8.  Type for the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server
9.  Type your username for the Outgoing mail server user name
10.  Click the Edit button to the right of the Incoming Mail Servers window to see the following screen

11.Type for the Incoming mail server, leave Server Type POP3 Server
12.Enter your username for User Name
13.Click the POP tab at the top
14.Be sure the checkbox for Leave Messages on Server is NOT CHECKED
15.Click OK
16.Click OK again