Windows XP Setup Instructions for RiverNet

In Windows XP there are two(2) view modes, Category and Classic.

    • 1. Click Start
    • 2. Click Control Panel
    • If you are in Category view, click on “Switch to Classic View” (upper left in blue part of Control Panel Window)
    • 1. Click Network Connections
    • You are now at the Network Connections Window – Look to the left at the top and you will see a window labeled Network Tasks. You need to click onto Create a new connection. This will bring up the New Connection Wizard.
    • 1. Welcome to the New Connection Wizard – click Next
    • 2. Network Connection Type – choose Connect to the Internet – click Next
    • 3. Getting Ready – choose Set up my connection manually – click Next
    • 4. Internet Connection – choose Connect using a dial-up modem – click Next
    • 5. Connection Name – type in RiverNet – click Next
    • Locate the local dialup number for your locality by clicking here, or use one from the bottom of this page.  Write it down
    • 6. Phone Number to Dial – type in access number (i.e. – 436-7068) NOTE: If you have call waiting, please enter *70, before the phone number.  There is a “space” after the comma. 

Example: *70, 4367068   This will keep you from getting disconnected if someone calls when you are online.  When you disconnect, your phone will automatically be reset to have your call waiting activated.- click Next

  • 7. Internet Account Information – type in the correct Username and Password information. Be sure to put the after your username (for example:  – click Next
  • 8. Completing the New Connection Wizard – put a check in the box Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop – click Finish. A “Connect To” window should appear.  Click the “Dial” button to connect to the internet.


  • 1. Open Internet Explorer
  • 2. If prompted Internet Explorer is not your default browser, would you like to make it your default browser? Take the check mark out of the window beside Always perform this check when starting Internet Explorer and say Yes
  • 3. After Internet Explorer opens click on Tools at the top of the page and then click on Internet Options
  • 4. Under the General Tab in the window beside Address type  and click Apply at the bottom of the window then click OK.


If you want to use Webmail, you may skip this section.  Access webmail from the link
“Check Your Web Mail” on RiverNet’s home page ( 

  • 1. Start Outlook Express.
  • 2. If a window pops up and says Outlook Express is not currently your mail client would you like to make in your default mail client? Take the check mark out of Always perform this check when starting Outlook Express and click Yes.
  • 3. Click Next and type in your name in the Display Name window
  • 4. Click Next and type in your RiverNet email address (in all small letters) in the Email Address window
  • 5. Click Next. In the My incoming Mail server window choose POP3 from the pull down menu if it is not already selected. In the Incoming Mail server window type and the Outgoing mail server window type 
  • 6. Click Next. In the Account Name window type in your RiverNet email address  (in all small letters) and in the Password window type in your RiverNet password (in all small letters) All you will see for this is *****’s.  Leave the check mark beside Remember password and do not put a check mark beside Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
  • 7. Click Next and click Finish.
  • Open Outlook Express
  • Click Tools -> Accounts
  • Click on the “Mail” tab
  • Click the “Properties” Button
  • Click the “Servers” tab
  • Click the checkbox “My Server Requires Authentication”.  Be Sure it is checked
  • Click the “Apply” button
  • Click OK
  • Click Close 

Local Dial up Numbers 

Kilmarnock 436-7068
Lively  577-2022
Callao  436-7068
Deltaville 286-5993
Hayes  993-1019
Warsaw  456-9019
Saluda 286-5993
Mathews  384-5019
Colonial Beach 410-0993
Tappahannock 445-7219 or 445-7993
Bowling Green 596-1029