Windows 10 Setup Instructions for RiverNet

    • Here’s how to setup a dial-up connection in Windows 10


Be sure your computer has a dial-up modem installed.  A USB dial-up modem can be purchased very inexpensively if your computer doesn’t have a dial-up modem.

1) Click the “windows icon” at lower left of screen

2) Click  “Settings” 

3) Click “Network and Internet”

4) Click “Network Sharing Center”

5) Click “Setup new connection or network”

6) Highlight (probably already highlighted) “Connect to the internet”

7) Click the “Next” button

8) Click “Dial-Up”

Follow instructions on screen.  Your username is your entire email address.  Enter your password and enter local dial-up number that best suits you. See list below.
Kilmarnock       436-7068, 577-2022
Lively               577-2022, 577-2993
Callao              436-7068, 577-2022
Deltaville          286-5993, 286-5019
Hayes              993-1019
Warsaw           456-9019
Saluda             286-5993, 286-5019
Mathews          384-5019
Colonial Beach  410-0993
Tappahannock  445-7219 or 445-7993
Bowling Green  596-1029