Windows 7 Setup for Dial-up

1) Click the Start Icon (lower left task bar)
2) Click Control Panel
3) (under) Network & Internet – Click View Network Status & Tasks
4) (under) Change your networking settings – Click setup a new connection or network
5) (under) Choose a connection option – Click setup a dialup connection
6) Click next button
7) Enter dialup phone number (see below)
8) Enter username (email address)
9) Enter password
10) Enter RiverNet for connection name
11) Click Connect

Create a desktop shortcut for your internet connection. 

1) Click Start button at lower left of screen
2) type ncpa.cpl at bottom where it says “search programs and files”
3) Press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
4) Right-click on the dialup connection you just created which should be called RiverNet, and choose Create Shortcut. Click Yes when you see the following message:   “Windows cannot create a shortcut here.  Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?”

In Internet Explorer, do the following to be sure your settings are correct.

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Click Tools -> Internet Options
3) Type in the window for your Home Page
4) Click the Connections Tab – RiverNet (default) should appear in the window
5) Click the button to select “Always dial my default connection”
6) Click the “Settings” button
7) Click the “Advanced” button
8) Be sure checkbox is checked for “Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed”
9) Click OK, OK, OK

Local Dial up Numbers

Kilmarnock  436-7068
Lively          577-2022
Callao          436-7068
Deltaville     286-5993
Hayes           993-1019
Warsaw        456-9019
Saluda          286-5993
Mathews      384-5019
Colonial Beach   224-4042
Tappahannock    445-7219 or 445-7993
Bowling Green    596-1029