DSL Internet & Email Setup Instructions

Click the Windows Logo (start button) at the bottom left side of your desktop
Click the Network option in the pop-up menu
Click the Network and Sharing Center on the top tool bar.
Click the Set up a connection or network on the left side of the window
Click “Connect to the Internet” (Setup a wireless, broadband, or dial-up connection to the Internet) > Click Next

In the username field type in your 10 digit phone number followed by @value.net.  (Example: 8041234567@value.net)
In the password field type in your RiverNet DSL password in all lower case with no spaces.  If there is a checkbox for Save Password, be sure there is a check in it.
For the Connection name, Type RiverNet DSL
Click the Create button to finish creating your DSL connection

Placing your DSL Icon on your desktop
Choose Control Panel from the Start menu. 
Choose the Network and Internet category, and select Network and Sharing Center. Select Manage Network Connections from the pane on the window’s left side. (Clicking that option reveals all your network connections, including your DSL (broadband) Internet connection.) 
Right-click your DSL Internet icon and choose Create Shortcut from the pop-up menu. Click OK to allow the shortcut to be automatically placed on the Desktop.

Setting RiverNet as your Homepage

Open Internet Explorer
Left Click on Tools at the top of the page then left click on Internet Options at the bottom of the menu.
In the next window the first long white box is where you will erase whatever is there and  type in https://www.rivnet.net and then click Apply and then OK.
Now click the Home button on the Tool bar and our RiverNet page should load.

Setting up Windows Mail

If you want to use Webmail, you may skip this section.  Access webmail from the link “Check Your Web Mail” on RiverNet’s home page (www.rivnet.net). 

Click the Windows Logo (start button) at the bottom left hand side of your desktop
Click Windows Mail in Pop-up menu
Click on Tools and then Accounts
You may see Microsoft Communities (default) in the Internet Accounts screen.  You may delete it by clicking on it once and then selecting the Remove button to the right.
Click OK to confirm the delete
Click Email Account then click next
Type in your name in the box to the right of Display Name (your first and last name)
Type in your email address to the right of the box Email Address (username@rivnet.net)
(Be sure the email address is all lowercase letters and NO spaces.)
Beside the Incoming Server type pop.rivnet.net
Beside the Outgoing Server type smtp.rivnet.net
Now type your password then put a check in the box next to Remember password.
Click Finish
Windows Security will now ask you to verify both your username and password.  Your username is your email address.  It must have the @rivnet.net in it. 
Be sure both are entered then click OK.
You will see your RiverNet account now in the window. 
Click the Close button
You are now finished.