Change Dial-Up Phone Number Windows Millenium Edition

From your Windows ME desktop click START.  Move mouse up to “Settings” and then Click on “Dial-Up Networking”


Use the RIGHT button on your mouse and “right” click on your dial-up Icon (your usernames lancaster account or RiverNet).  You should see a pop up window similar to the one to the lower left.
Click on Properties.  You should see a window similar to the one to the lower left.  (The tabs may be different, but all you need to do is change the phone number)
Replace the existing telephone number with the appropriate new number for your county/locality. Be sure that the number is a local call for you.

County/Locality Dial-Up Number
Lancaster 436-7068
Middlesex 776-2027
Gloucester 684-8016
King William 885-3038
West Point 843-0027
Northumberland 529-0027
Warsaw 313-7083
Essex 445-7027 or 445-7047
Westmoreland 214-4042

Close the Dial-Up Networking Window.

You should have successfully updated your Dial-Up Networking telephone number.

Thanks for taking the time!