This supplement is for changing or setting up the mail preferences in Internet Explorer (specifically Internet Explorer version 3.02).  If you have a version of Internet Explorer lower than 3.0, we recommend that you download a more current version.

1.  Bring up your Internet Explorer browser. (You do not have to be “on-line”).
2.  Click on Mail
3.  Click on Read Mail
4.  Click on Mail
5.  Click on Options
6.  Click on Server Tab.  The window below should appear.

7.  Enter your “real” name in the Name: window
8.  Enter your “business name” if applicable, or leave blank the Organization window
9.  Enter your username in place of “username” with the in the Email address window (lowercase only)
10.  Enter in both the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) and Incoming Mail (POP3) windows
11.  Enter ONLY your username (do NOT enter your email address: ie, NO (lowercase only)
12.  Enter your password.  Enter it carefully, and you will only see asterisks (lowercase only)
13.  Click the Advanced Settings… button
14.  Enter your email address ( in the Reply To window or leave it blank..
15.  Click OK to exit the Advanced Settings… window
16.  Click OK to exit the Server Setup

Your Internet Explorer should be set up for email.  You may test your email by sending a message to yourself (ie: “your”  Remember, you must be “on-line” to actually send and receive email.