These instructions take you through the complete process of cinfiguring the MacTCP and ConfigPPP.  This is the most popular dial-in combo for Macintosh, which is why it’s here.  Since this sets you up for PAP (Password Authentication Protocol), there is no need to write a login script.

Configure MacTCP and DNS Settings:

1. Go to Apple Menu, Control Panel, and open MacTCP.  Highlight PPP in the main window then choose More.
2. Under “Obtain Address” choose Server.  Under “IP Address” choose Class C.
3. Under “Domain aName Servier Information” enter as the first domain.  Enter a period (.) in the 2nd and 3rd boxes.
4. Under “IP Address” enter in the first 2 boxes.  Enter in the third box down.
5. Set the top boxes as the default, then choose OK and restart your computer.

Modem and General Setup in ConfigPPP.   (Internal or Global Village modems)

1. Go to Apple Menu, Control Panel, and open ConfigPPP.
2. For the “Port Name” choose Modem Port and set “Idle Timeout (minutes) to 15 and “Echo Interval” to off.
3. Choose both “Hangup On Close” and “Quiet Mode” (closes connections without warning, or leave unchecked for warning)
4. At the bottom choose the Configt button.  Enter RiverNet as the name of your PPP Server.
5. Set “Port Speed” to 38400 for 14.4Kbps Modems or 57600 for 28.8Kbps modems.
6. Set “Flow Control” to CTS & TRS (DTR) (Hardware Flow Control) Set to CTS only if you have a Global Village modem.
7. Enter the Access Phone Number 435-1863 or 529-6262 (which ever is local for you), a Modem-Init string and set “Modem Connect Timeout” to 90 seconds.
8. Select the Authentication button then enter your username in the Auth. ID field in lowercase.
9. You can enter your password also, but if you leave it blank you’ll be asked for it at connection time anyway.
10. Choose OK, then choose Done.  Configuration is now complete!

NOTE: If you have purchased Netscape Navigator for Mac, install the Netscape Software here.

Establish a connection to RiverNet

1. Go to Apple Menu, Control Panel, ConfigPPP, and select Open.
2. Once connected, select the MacTCP Application of your choice.
3. To disconnect, close down all your MacTCP based Applications then open ConfigPPP and choose Close.

NOTE: Netscape Navigator 3.01 and Navigator Gold 3.01 for Macintosh are now available in two compression formats: .bin, which is a Stuffit Expander file; and .hqx, which is a self-extracting file.  The .hqx is the default download format and is larger than the .bin format.  If you have downloaded a previous beta version of Netscape Navigator or Navigator Gold 3.01, you should download the .bin format because you already have Stuffit Expander on lyour computer.  You can download the .bin format directly from the FTP sites for Navigator or Navigator Gold.

Please be advised that three Macintosh software products were found to be incompatible with Netscape navigator 3.01.  Before installing Navigator 3.01 you should download new versions of SpeedDoubler from Connetix and SurfWatch.  IF you use Apple’s Open Transport networking software, your should install Open Transport 1.1, which is part of the Macintosh System 7.5.3 upgrade