Download and install Pegasus Mail

Your Email address is: (no spaces, all lowercase)

NOTE: The Pegasus download file ( is a ZIP file, so you must have a program to UNZIP the file such as “WINZIP”.

Download Pegasus to your computer.

1. Go to
2. Click the link for Pegasus mail for Windows.
3. Select a U.S. site and proper version (32 bit for Windows 95) to download your software from.
4. When the “Save” window appears, create a new folder on your hard drive “C:/pmail”
5. Select the “C:/pmail” folder to save your Pegasus software in by double clicking on it.  It should appear in the “Save In” window.
6. Click SAVE.

Use Windows Explorer to initiate the setup procedure simply by locating the file on your drive and then double clicking on it.    It should be in the folder named “C:/pmail”. (You open Windows Explorer by clicking on Start, moving arrow to Programs, and clicking on Windows Explorer).

The file needs to be “UNZIPPED”.  After unzipping the file, create a shortcut on your desktop to winpm-32.exe.

Pegasus Installation:

Open the Pegasus program by double clicking on the Pegasus Icon. The first time you run Pegasus you will encounter its built-in configuration Wizard. Enter the following information to complete the setup procedure.

1. Select the multiple email address option (computer & 2 person icon)
2. Choose a Directory for Pegasus. (The default directory: c:\pmail is usually okay)
3. Click the “NEW” icon to add a new user
4. Enter your username and your “real name” in the appropriate fields and enable the Administrator privileges.
5. Click OK
6. When prompted (or after starting Pegasus from desktop) enter your username (same as in 4 above) and click NEXT.
7. Enter your email address  (  all lowercase, no spaces) and click NEXT.
8. Enter for the POP3 server and click NEXT.
9. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click NEXT.
10. Enter for the SMTP server and click NEXT.
11. Enable “Dialup” and click NEXT.
12. Click Finish.

You have now set up a Pegasus email account with Administrator privileges.  Only a user with Administrative privileges can add additional accounts and manage other accounts.

To change Pegasus email settings 

NOTE:   Both POP3 & SMTP servers are
Your Email address is: (no spaces, all lowercase)

1. Open Pegasus and enter your username.
2. Click Tools
3. Click Options
4. Click Network Tab
5. Enter appropriate information and Click OK when finished.

Using Pegasus to Send Email:

1. Double Click the Pegasus Icon to start the program.
2. Click “File” and choose “New Message.”
3. You will see the editor window below appear on the screen:
4.  In the “To:” field, enter the email address of the recipient.
5.  Enter the topic of your message in the “Subject:” field.
6.  Type in the body of your out-going message and click the SEND button when finished.

Your message is now in the Mail Queue and ready to be sent out on the Internet. All messages are stored in the Pegasus Mail Queue until you click on “File” and choose, “Send All Queued Mail”  or click on the appropriate icon on the toolbar.  You will need to be connected to the RiverNet Server before attempting to send out your queued mail.  You may change this option to send mail immediately under the Tools/Options/Network tab/Advanced button.

Using Pegasus to Receive Mail:

While connected to RiverNet, click “File” and then choose “Check Host for New Mail” or click the appropriate icon on the toolbar.   Pegasus will display any new messages you have in your Main Folder. To view a message simply double click on it from the list.