Commencing in January 2003, our pastor’s sermons will be archived through this page.  Click on the link below to view a specific sermon.Our pastor maintains a file of sermons from prior years and can make those available upon request. 

Dave Breshears of St. Stephen’s has published a collection of the Rev. Jeffrey Cerar’s sermons in a booklet entitled “Moments of Grace,” available at the church office.


Rev. Jeffrey CerarJanuary 5th

February 3rd

February 23rd   –   God’s New Thing

April 27th         –   Baptism of Zachary Thomas Moore

December 24th  –   What Draws You to the Manger?

Rev. Joseph Murphy

January 26th   –    The Way Out

February 9th  –     A Nameless Saint

March 2nd    –       Lasting Accomplishment

March 5th      –       Living in the Light of Day

March 9th      –       What Good is Religion?

March 16th     –     Free,  and Growing Strong

March 23rd      –     A Taste of Worship

April 6th           –     The Twinkle in God’s Eye

April 13th         –     The Path of Worship

April 17th         –     Worthily Receiving the Body and Blood

April 18th           –       Made Perfect by His Doing the Will of God

April 20th – Easter  –   New Life in Christ

May 11th        –        How To Have a Pastor

May 25th         –         Whose Money Is It?

 June 8th        –         Jesus’ Continuing Mission

June 15th        –         Who God Is, and What He Thinks