RiverNet SuperSpeed

RiverNet now offers RiverNet SuperSpeed, a web accelerator.  You can surf the web at speeds up to 5 times faster than regular dial-up.  To take full advantage of the accelerator, you should be using either Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer, or Netscape 7.1 or newer.  If you are purchasing internet from us at the regular price of $19.95 per month, you can take advantage of this speed at no additional cost to you.  Just read and follow the instructions below to start using SuperSpeed.  Also, when you travel, you can probably find a dial-up number from our thousands of dial-up numbers available.If you have purchased RiverNet Internet services for a discounted price, you can take advantage of the accelerator for only $2.00 per month.  We will charge your account $2.00 for each month of service that you have paid for which is remaining on your account.  For example, if you have 5 months of prepaid internet service remaining, then we will charge your account $10.00.

Here’s how to start using RiverNet’s SuperSpeed accelerator
1.  Complete the appropriate form below and click the submit button 1 time.
2.  Click the “Click here to download” link, and save the program on your hard drive.  Be sure to remember where you save it so that you can find it to install the program.
3.  Use “Windows Explorer” or your WIndows “Search” to find the program “RiverNet_SS_Installer.exe”
4. Double click the program RiverNet_SS_Installer.exe to install it on your computer.
5. We will send you an email to notify you when you can begin using the software.  We must register you on the server for you to be able to use it, so until you get your email notification, please be sure the software is disabled.  An icon will appear on your task bar.  You can “right” click on it to either enable or disable it.
6. When you logon to RiverNet, include the @rivnet.net after your username.  You must logon with your username@rivnet.net in order to use the SuperSpeed Accelerator.Once you have installed the software and we have enabled your account, you may want to go to a page that will show you the performance improvements.  Go to http://performance.toast.net/ and click the “Run Test” button.  You will see an image, and then the statistics of your performance.