Adding Personalized Anti-Spam Rules

The new email server has a user interface for managing SPAM, and it has help in explaining how to setup rules.    We suggest that you print this page for ease of reading while setting up your rules.

1) logon to internet

2) open Internet Explorer and go to our home page (

3) click “Direct”  (on left, next to “Email Anywhere”) and then login to the web mail.  Use only your username and password.  Do NOT put the after your username.

4) To view the help, click the ? in the blue circle at the upper right of the screen

5)Click the + next to the book/ Interface

6)Click the + next to the book/ Settings

7)Click on Server Rules
This gives you an explanation of how it works.
Now, to add a “server rule”, do the following:
1) be in web mail (as in steps 1-3 above)

2) click on the pull down arrow to the right of “Settings” near top of screen

3) click on Server Rules

4) In the “Item” window, select the approiate item you wish to block.   Generally you would select either “From: contains” or “Subject: contains”

5) If you’re using the item “From: contains”, in the “String” window, enter  the the domain name (,, etc) you wish to block from your inbox.   If you’re using the item “Subject: contains”, enter part of the subject (watches, stocks, drugs, etc) you wish to block.  If those words are found in the subject, the emails will be rejected and will not be put in your inbox.

6) in the “Action” window, select “Reject

7) click the “Add” button
You should now see your rule appear at the top of the screen with a Red check next to it.
8) Continue to add rules for all domains or subjects which you want to reject from your INBOX.

9)When you’re finished, be sure the checkbox in the upper right is checked to “Enable” the rules.

To exit the Server Rules page, click on “Get Messages ” or click the “Home” (house) button to exit webmail and go to your homepage.
This allows you complete control of your “SPAM”.